Why Buy Property in Portugal?

Every year many people buy property in Portugal and everyone who does so is motivated by different factors. Whether you are looking for a holiday home, an investment or considering a permanent move abroad, your first fundamental decision will obviously be where to buy. Various worldwide destinations have been touted over recent years but perennially popular Portugal offers some serious benefits in terms of investment, lifestyle and practical considerations.

Spending your money wisely


  • A safe investment- When you buy property in Portugal you have the confidence of owning property in a politically stable democracy that has a growing economy.
  • Choice- When you decide to buy property in Portugal you'll be offered a wide choice of properties with prices to suit any budget. Whether you have £20,000 or £20 million there is a property for you.
  • Rental income- Especially in tourist spot renting your property out as a holiday home can help contribute towards the running costs of your place in the sun.
  • Expertise- Buy property in Portugal with Portugal Property Experts safe in the knowledge that you will receive professional unbiased advice and support all the way through the buying process. We are also happy to recommend other like minded professionals including English speaking lawyers, mortgage providers, architects and interior designers.
  • Golden visa- non EU residents can qualify for a golden visa for residency in Portugal when they make a property purchase of €500,000 or more.


Enjoying the Lifestyle


  • Peace seeker or party starter Portugal offers something for everyone. From the green mountains of the North to the sun-soaked sands in the South, this small but geographically diverse country has a climate and landscape to suit all tastes and with over 840km of coastline there's a beach somewhere with your name on it!
  • Not sure if you can afford to buy property in Portugal? With a low cost of living and property prices generally lower than in the UK you may well find you actually have extra cash for some little luxuries, to stretch your pension or maybe even buy that dream house that seemed so out of your reach back in the UK.
  • Banish the winter blues with over 3000 hours of sunshine a year!
  • Sports- indulge your passion from a gentle stroll through almond blossom orchards to energetic water sports. Portugal has consistently won many golfing accolades over the years including World's Leading Golf Destination 2013 and Best Value Golf Destination in Europe 2013.
  • Culture- Portugal is one of the oldest European nations with a rich diverse culture.
  • Education- when you buy property in Portugal your child can still benefit from a quality education at a local Portuguese school or one of the international schools. Such schools are in general more affordable than private schools in the UK and Ireland.
  • You can choose to live in an established ex-pat community with easy access to people who speak your language and all the amenities you would expect or leave the tourist trail and head for a more tranquil life in a typical family-friendly Portuguese town. Either way as Portugal is a small country with good infrastructure everything you need and everywhere you want to go is generally within easy reach.




  • Portugal is easily accessible from all European countries with short flight times and since the advent of budget airlines long weekends in the sun are both affordable and practical.
  • European Union citizens do not need any visas to live, work or buy property in Portugal. Although it is advisable and rewarding to learn the language, it is also possible to get a job in the Algarve's tourist hotspots without speaking Portuguese.
  • Finally when you buy property in Portugal you can relax knowing you are in a safe, stable and family friendly country.


If you would like to buy property in Portugal our free property finding service can help.


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