There is much interest in buying property in Madeira as its breathtaking landscapes, sunny climate and attractive lifestyle have made it an increasingly popular destination for holiday makers and expatriates. Madeira lies in the North Atlantic, 535 miles (860km) from Lisbon, Portugal and 360 miles (580km) from the African coast. Madeira's nicknames include the 'pearl of the Atlantic' and the 'floating garden' and as the islands are awash with bright and beautiful flowers all year around its not hard to see why. 

The islands' volcanic history is evident in the dramatic landscape of towering sea cliffs, rugged peaks and plateaus, deep gorges, waterfalls and river valleys and a rich soil perfect for cultivating fruit such as vines, cherries and bananas. Two thirds of Madeira is protected with the dense primeval forest designated a world heritage site by UNESCO and six other nature reserves and parks that are home to some of the most unusual fauna and flora in the world. The warmth of the gulf stream attracts dolphins, whales and other marine life and these can often be spotted near the islands of Madeira.


The Climate in Madeira


Madeira enjoys a subtropical climate with long hot summers and mild winters. Temperatures and climate can vary considerably around the island and it is cooler in the North and in the mountains where there can even be occasional snow in winter.


Living in Madeira


Madeira has a relaxed, European feeling and a slower, more laidback way of life than on the mainland and a good quality of living is achievable. The mild climate, beauty and tranquility of Madeira encourage an outdoor lifestyle and the islands are famous for their breathtaking levada walks, diving, fishing and dolphin and whale watching. Employment for expatriates is primarily in the tourism industry which runs all year round. Madeira has a low crime rate and good infrastructure with both private and state healthcare and schools. There are direct flights from UK, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, USA and South Africa amongst other countries.


Property in Madeira


There is a good range of property in Madeira including timeshares, apartments, traditional cottages and beautiful modern villas. Increasing demand for property in Madeira means that prices are rising but they remain very reasonable in comparison to many other European hotspots and it is still possible to buy an attractive, small apartment for less than €100,000. Building plots in the most popular towns are in scarce supply but in rural area it is still possible to find affordable plots with stunning sea and mountain views. Madeira's protected status means that most developments are fairly low density and many properties enjoy gorgeous views. 

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