Finding the Right Property in Portugal

Our free property finding service is a very personalized service to help you find the right property in Portugal ranging from that dream villa or apartment to large development land, commercial units and golf courses. Many of these highly desirable projects are not listed on this website due to their confidential nature so please contact us for more information. Below are some of the questions to ask yourself before investing to make sure you find the right property in Portugal:
  • Are you looking for a holiday home, a retirement home, an investment, or a permanent residence?
    This will help you focus on your priorities- for example being close to international schools, health care, an airport, the beach, shops, lots of amenities and things to do or having a swimming pool. Do you want to enjoy an active social life or do you prefer peace and quiet? What climate suits you best- the weather varies considerably between Portugal's regions.
  • Would you prefer to live in a popular holiday destination, a more traditional Portuguese town or in the countryside? 
  • Are you interested in buying in an established area with good returns or are you willing to take more of a risk and invest in a potentially up-and-coming area for the chance of even higher returns?
  • Are you more comfortable living in an area with a mix of Portuguese people and ex-pats?
  • Are you willing to learn Portuguese or would you prefer to be able to speak your own language if needs be?
  • Are you interesting in renting your house out and are you relying on the rental income to help pay the mortgage? If so you are best off buying in a popular tourist area or major city.
  • How much time do you have to care for your property, garden or pool? If you're not going to be there a lot or are renting out and are concerned about security and maintenance you might be better off buying in a condominium.
  • Are you interested in buying off-plan?


Often developers offer financial incentives for clients buying off plan, and these are usually seen in the form of a price discount and payment terms. It is a good way of securing a property investment, whilst only putting in minimum capital. 


Generally speaking 10% to 20% is required as a deposit and staged payments follow until completion. Some banks will lend up to 80% and you can benefit from interest only mortgages and only pay the remaining 10%, stamp duty and other fees two years down the line. This is very popular with investors.

If you are serious about investing we are serious about helping you make the right choice so you find your dream property in the sun.


So please fill in our Property Finding Form giving as much information as possible to help us find you the right property in Portugal You can also contact us to discuss your specific needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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