A New Life in Portugal

If you are interested in starting a new life in Portugal here are some tips on how to ease the transition and make the most of your time here:


Start learning the language


This is our number one tip. Starting learning Portuguese before you move here will give you a real head start and the confidence to make the most of your new life in Portugal. While many Portuguese people speak excellent English, especially in the Algarve, learning Portuguese will help you in all aspects of your life here from simple tasks like understanding menus to making new friends, from running day-to-day errands to improving your job prospects and understanding bureaucracy. If you have children learning Portuguese is a really fun way for them to get involved with the move and can help them feel confident and excited about their new school. Where possible we'd always recommend using an experienced, native speaker teacher who can not only teach you how to speak Portuguese as the locals do but also give you a great insight into the Portuguese culture. With modern technology as well as traditional face-to-face classes it is even possible to have fun and effective group or one-to-one classes from the comfort of your own home. If you are interested in learning Portuguese we recommend contacting Rafa for more information and classes.


Researching your new life in Portugal


Portugal is a very diverse country in many aspects and before your final move we recommend carrying out as much research as possible into the areas you are considering. Visiting regularly and talking to local residents will help you gain an understanding into life in Portugal and to plan accordingly. Another great way to get an insight and advice about an area is through expatriate forums and you may even make some friends before the move! Factors to take into account when choosing a location for your new life in Portugal might include job and business prospects, distance to health care and amenities, the type of lifestyle you are looking for- for example are you looking for an active social life or a quiet country retreat, would you like to be near other foreign residents and international schools or do you prefer a more traditional Portuguese community and the climate that suits you best. Moving to a new country can be a daunting though rewarding experience and the more prepared you are for the practicalities of your new life in Portugal the smoother the transition will be.


Planning your move to Portugal


When timing your move to Portugal it is important to consider how seasonal trends could affect your personal circumstances for example if you are going to be job seeking then late spring is a great time to look particularly in tourist areas as businesses will be recruiting for the summer, if you have young children the school holidays are always a good choice so that they have time to settle into their new life before starting school or if you are looking for a long term rental property in the Algarve then the best time to do so is between September and April as landlords of available villas will often take holiday bookings in the summer.


Adjusting to your new life in Portugal


Remember starting a new life in Portugal or any other country is a big step and there will be some stressful times during the move and initial settling in period. So make sure you allow yourself time to adjust, relax and just enjoy all the good things Portugal has to offer!

Want to start a new life in Portugal? Our property finding service can help you find the right property for you.

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